PRS210 Transformer
  • PRS210 Transformer


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Stabilised power supplies for assembly on DIN bar. 13 Vac. VDE certification. 3 A modules on DIN bar.

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15VA transformer. 127-230V. 13 Vac. VDE certification. 3 DIN modules in DIN bar.

It can be mounted on the wall as well.

Ideal to power with alternate current Farcote Proximity Readers and Access Control Keypads elements.

It can be used every time the power on alternate current at low voltage is required.

Mains supply at 230 V and 127 V. Protected against overloading or overvoltage by thermoprotectors.

All the power supplies comply with the European safety standard EN 60065

Can be used to power art. 2223, 2223C, 2273 and 2281.



Dim: 3 DIN bar

Colour: technical grey

External material: plastic

Mounting assembly: on DIN bar or on the wall
Power supply: 127 or 230 Vac

Stabilized power supply ref. PRS210.

Housing size: 3 A modules for DIN rail mounting.

Power supply with 230V or 127V input voltage and 13Vac output voltage.




Instruction PRS210

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