MC3000B Cover for Exhito video intercoms
  • MC3000B Cover for Exhito video intercoms


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Interchangeable covers blue "sky" colour that replaces the one provided for the screen of Exhito monitors.

Silver "champagne", green "spring" and blue "sky" colours.



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Frame ref. MC3000B / MC3000G / MC3000T Exhito in blue, green and silver.

The frame fits Exhito EX3160 and Exhito EX3260C video monitors.

Because color solutions allow you to choose and freely design the interior of your apartment. Develop your passions and imagination without worrying that electronic devices may not match. You may have an idea, but now you have a chance to go further with creativity because you have color variations.

The frame will add class and elegance to your space in your style, but the choice is yours.

Despite cheap video intercoms, the range of accessories is surprisingly wide, so use them and have fun.



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