GSM wireless intercom system

The newest and most advanced technology developed by Farfisa company is myCom function designed for intercoms based on front panels of Profilo series that use the connections between the external door station and GSM network users. Instead of traditional intercom handsets, you can use mobile or landline phones, which allow both making a call as well as opening the front door or/and a gate (by selecting the proper preprogrammed number). For each call, to the traditional push button panel or digital keypad can be assigned from 1 to 3 phone numbers that are ringing, according to the selected order. The important feature of Mycom system is a function (free of charge service), which allows to program up to 100 telephone numbers for remote door or gate opening. You can do it by selecting the number of the SIM card placed in an external door station (which is an alternative to the function of opening code or proximity reader). The simplicity of the system, no required installation, only 12Vdc/ac power supply inside the external door station needed, the ability to create multi-gate systems, all above-mentioned functions, may be in many cases, reasonable or even the only alternative to wired systems (for example, if there is no installation in the building or for vast areas).
Wireless system GSM

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